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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Campaigners lose battle over Pocket Park on Station Road

A four year battle to save a pocket park opposite Trafford Park Station has been lost after developers won their appeal against planning refusal.

Councillor Mike Cordingley said it was sad that residents were losing a valued patch of green in such a densely populated area. "I still have concerns over these apartments even though the designs are much improved from the ones they started with. It's devastating that we won't see the summer blackberry harvesting, or hear the birdsong along here again. It's often patches like this piece of scrub that do as much for wellbeing in neighbourhoods as any amount of National Trust stately homes, and they are no less worthy of preservation."

Planning Appeal Doccuments

Monday, 20 November 2017

Planning Application - PC World Site

The works for the Lidl supermarket are submitted to planning. Application 92714/FUL/17 Consultation End Date 7th December.

Broadly in support of this application. I am keen to get reassurance that they won't impact on the Ravenswood Rest space that Gorgeous Gorse Hill have so lovingly brought back to life. Also want to anticipate crossover between Tesco and Lidl - safe crossing and trolley management but Lidl have so far seemed open to talk.

Mike Cordingley

Planning Application - Car Care Shop to become a hot food takeaway

Planning application 92751/COU/17 - Change of use to hot food takeaway next to Gorse Hill Pub.
Consultation end date 11th December.

I have worries about this application. We must be close to saturation point for takeaways along this parade - that might not be a planning consideration, but it is a genuine worry. There is the obvious crime and anti social behaviour aspect but also waste disposal and drainage. The pavement is no longer a pavement.

Mike Cordingley